Lendio | Intelligent Lending™

Integrated technology that makes small business lending profitable at any size.

Lendio Intelligent Lending.

Cost effectively assess risk and widen lending opportunities with small business customers.


Pre-qualify and deploy targeted marketing to your existing SMB depositors.

Frictionless conversion

Provide your SMB customers a self-service digital loan application prefilled with their data.

Transaction driven analysis

Use our patented transaction analytics to predict outcomes and expand access to capital.

Credit policy automation

Evaluate applicants against your loan policy with human-assisted or fully automated approvals.

New customer acquisition

Acquire new borrowers by joining the Lendio marketplace (optional).

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Why choose Lendio?

Our technology is purpose-built for small business lending. It seamlessly converts your existing customers and brings new ones to your door.

79% match rate

against final loan decisions using transaction data only

45% reduction

in manual underwriting expenses

17K+ qualified borrowers

applying through the marketplace each month

A streamlined
customer journey.


Analyze your small business depositor population against your loan policy and deploy customized pre-qualified offers.

Frictionless loan application

Direct customers to a digital loan experience, pre-filled with their banking data. Customers apply seamlessly within your ecosystem.

Offer presentation

Display your loan offer(s) digitally, allowing your customers to select their desired term and amount.

Integrated closing

Provide final loan documentation effortlessly and move to funding.

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Serving lenders that serve small businesses.

  • Community banks
  • Credit unions
  • Regional banks
  • CDFIs
  • Alternative lenders

Intelligent Lending platform components.

  • Digital application

    Fully integrated industry leading digital borrower experience.

  • Smart decisioning

    Evaluate applicants using your loan policy for human-assisted or automated approvals.

  • Borrower analytics

    Assess business health with third-party data pulls and patented transaction analytics.

  • Competitive intelligence

    Benchmark your performance against the broader industry with proprietary data, including wallet-share.

  • Loan closing experience

    Complete a loan transaction experience including document generation and digital execution.

Change the game with transaction analysis.

  • Richer data.

    Transaction analysis is used to extract financial health insights about a business through either raw transaction data, aggregated data, or by reading PDF statements through OCR technology.

  • Deeper insights.

    Our patented technology classifies transactions such as revenue-based deposits, non-revenue deposits, NSF, loan service, or suspicious transactions. We evaluate the resulting profile against your policy.

  • Powerful results.

    Nearly 9 in 10 banks (86%) say transaction analysis is important compared to credit scores when considering underwriting a small business loan.

Enterprise support you can count on.

Implementation and support team

  • Dedicated account managers

  • Product support

  • Marketing resources

Detailed performance data

Visit our partner portal to get critical analytics and data about the performance of your Intelligent Lending program.

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What is Lendio Intelligent Lending?

Lendio Intelligent Lending is a SaaS platform that allows financial institutions to profitably serve small business owners of every size with capital solutions. Our platform includes critical capabilities that make small business lending scalable, including decisioning, digital loan application experience, transaction analytics, digital closing, and competitive intelligence. Our intelligent lending platform also seamlessly enables financial institutions to participate in Lendio’s marketplace to source new borrowers.

Is Lendio Intelligent Lending a LOS?

Lendio’s Intelligent Lending solution can act as your LOS for small business loans if you choose. Our solution is also architected to integrate with your existing LOS in a way that is complementary. Our Intelligent Lending software provides decisioning and digital application capabilities purpose-built for small business lending that extend beyond an LOS’s core capabilities.

What flexibility do I have in setting up loan pricing?

Pricing for loan products can be configured to respond dynamically to borrower profile data. Common examples include setting maximum / minimum thresholds or ratios of change for data points such as:

- Credit score
- Time in business
- Average daily balance
- Average monthly revenue
- Term
- Payment frequency
- Rate/factor

A common example might be that a lender varies the APR and approved loan amount as a percentage of revenue depending on credit score.  So a borrower with 725 credit might be approved for 12% of revenue at an 11% APR; while a borrower with 675 credit might be approved for 10% of revenue at a 13% APR.

Can I source new borrowers by using your Intelligent Lending technology?

Yes! Leveraging our Intelligent Lending technology gives you the option to acquire new borrowers through Lendio’s direct channels and our embedded relationships with enterprise small business service providers and retailers.

Who is Intelligent Lending for?

Lendio’s Intelligent Lending platform was built to serve financial institutions that need a solution to efficiently process small business loans. Our customers currently include regional banks, credit unions, alternative lenders, and CDFIs.

How does your transaction analytics work?

Our patented transaction analytics functionality works by ingesting transaction data directly from your core, via API, or through batched data import. Transaction data is cleaned, labeled, categorized, and tabulated to be assessed against your loan policy to generate pre-qualified loan offers for your depositor customers.

For new loan applicants or those sourced through Lendio’s marketplace, our digital application collects transaction data from Finicity or through PDF statements via OCR technology. Similar to data from a core; Lendio cleanses, labels, categorizes, and tabulates data.

What criteria can be configured for loan qualifications?

Our Intelligent Lending solution gives you advanced control over your loan qualification requirements. Your requirements can be configured across hundreds of data points on a product-by-product basis, encompassing self-reported and third-party collected/verified data points such as:

- NSF counts
- Monthly deposits
- Average monthly revenue
- Tax lien history
- Bankruptcies
- Time in business
- Industry
- Credit score